This is how the people in the island call the lighthouse. The “Parola” is more than just an ordinary lighthouse. If it has ears to hear and a mouth to speak, the “Parola” could tell many love stories of romantic people who would gather around it particularly on days when the full-face of the moon sends an enchantment all over the island.

The “Parola” is also a place for families to unwind after a day’s work and a hearty dinner. One could hear stories and laughter among families who would walk through the night to feel the breeze at the “Parola.”

Music from a guitar rendition could be heard as well. Some are singing along and some are just enjoying the music that captures the magical night.

The “Parola” is one of the many reasons why visitors keep coming to the island. They want to be a part of the enchantment. They want to enjoy the simplicity of life. They want to be transported to another time and place where serenity dwells.