The Light

I grew up in a rural area in an island that is far from the city. But although it is remote, many tourists would visit the island because of its natural beauty; untouched by urbanization.

People say that the island is magical; one would never be contended to just visit the island once. Visitors would say that they seemed drawn to the enchantment of the place – the clean beaches, the waterfalls, the cold springs, the hot springs, the soda spring, the sand bar, the green surroundings, the coconut trees, the sweet lanzones, and THE PEOPLE.

Perhaps visitors would always want to return to the island because of the people who would light up everytime there are visitors.

Yes, it is the light that makes the difference. Just like in the home, it is the light that comes from the parents that would radiate the love to the children.

So it is with this island of dreams. The light from the hearts of the people of this island radiate love that welcomes all visitors. This is what beckons them each time…returning to the island again and again and again.