Music is the language of the soul; and the soul is the dwelling place of God. So, logically, music is the language of God.

We grew up with music in our hearts. Our mother was a Piano Teacher. She had many students. So while we were reading our books and studying our lessons, we would hear music from the piano.

Perhaps it is this environment that set focus in our studies. Music calmed our senses. Our minds easily absorbed what we read and what we studied. Maybe this could be the reason why we would top the exams in our school. Maybe music was the reason why we could easily adjust and adapt to any environment. Maybe music awakened the creativity in our souls.

When we were young, all seven of us would be required to entertain our family visitors during fiestas and special gatherings. So we always had a ready reportoire for these special events. Some of our family visitors would give us money for our performance. We loved doing what we were required to do and we gave our best. We even had costumes for our performances in the home.

When I went to College, my talent to play the piano gave me an opportunity to earn some sideline income to support some of my needs at school.

The road less traveled is a lonely road. But we passed that way and we enjoyed the scenery. There is beauty in the unfamiliar way. There is excitement in the unknown if the music nestles the soul.