Family Budget

There are seven children in our family. We were blessed with free school tuition and matriculation from Kindergarten to High School. God must have planned that so well to prepare our parents for our College education. To help our parents, we really studied well so that we do not lose the privilege of free schooling in the only private school in the island.

The next item that our parents really controlled was on food expense. We were trained to eat eggs, bananas and champorado (rice porridge with native chocolate). We did not get tired eating the same food over and over again. Sometimes though, we got treats of meat, lumpia, and empanadas. When we had those on the table, it was like the manna from heaven.

Our mother trained us to dress simply. So we seldom buy clothes. If we did, they were never branded clothes. We had “hand-me-downs,” too. We were blessed.

By the grace of God, we were never rushed to any hospital for illness. We spent less on medicines and most of the time we had samples from Doctor Friends. We were blessed.

We did not have any vehicle that would need maintenance cost. We did not have television, refrigerator, washing machine, oven and the likes. So our electric bill was always at the flat rate.

Our Parents saved for the rainy days – for our education. The money that would have been spent for our High School education was used to buy coconut and lanzones farms; enough to at least support our needs for College education.

Delayed gratification. I saw how our Parents sacrificed for us even to the point of denying their convenience and comforts. They believed that their primary obligation was to nurture their children and to give them a strong foundation for their future.

And we reaped…