Our Parents

Good parents are gifts. They come in various forms. Some in glittered boxes. Some in bottles. Some in jars. Some from the best resorts. Some from their helipads. Some with excellent learnings. Some filthy rich. Some, though, are achievers who are willing to sacrifice for their children.

Our Family belongs to the latter category. Both our parents worked hard to send all their children to the top schools in the country. Poor though we may be, our parents had not deprived us of good education. They strongly believed that education is the best legacy that they could leave behind for their children.

Our Parents taught us to read any book including World’s Religions.” They nurtured our musical talents. They made us sing and dance. They made us recite long poems.

They just did what they knew best – music, books, and prayers. Perhaps God must have taught them secretly how to raise us despite our poverty and challenges. Our Parents raised us well by using their strengths. Thus, they aptly prepared us to face the realities in life.

They say that in Heaven there is only one question that the Lord would ask: What have you done to your children? If that is the cue to the winning password then I would say that both our Parents must have gone through the pearly gates with their smiles. To God be the Glory!