The Ride

Families would rather take the local “jeeps” that would take them around the island. The jeep can take up to 25 passengers all seating comfortably cramped to each other. The driver, who is always very kind and very patient, would also serve as the tourist guide. He would set the time of the stops on tourist spots. He would make sure that the island tour is completed in one day.

Visitors and tourists would also choose to ride in the “jeeps” which would conveniently allow them to ride even with their wet swimwears. Oh yes! when one is in the island, one is ready to wear his or her swimwear for the whole day. There is no time and no need to change after every stop.

The “jeep” is not just a vehicle for the island tour. It is foremost a forum for bonding among families and friends. This defines the experience. Every ride is a memorable moment that showcases love, attitude, and character of the riders.