The Soles

People say that if one wants to be healthy, one has to regularly walk on stones of different size and shape. These stones would come in contact with the pressure points in the soles; thus, they are natuarally massaged and soothed.

Figuratively, I walked through rough-edged stones in my journey through life. True enough, I did not get sick so easily. But I was physically, mentally, and emotionally unwell during those times. I was so exhausted. I was so tired. I was so stressed.

What kept me going?

The soles of my feet kept reminding me that these rough-edged stones were only temporary. They would be washed away and they would lose their effect on me. One day I would become used to the pain and I would have the courage to bear the same.

I listened to the soles of my feet. After all, I am very dependent on them for me to stand up. One day I was awakened when the soles of my feet sent impulses to my heart, “Hey Friend, you are free. You will have no more pains. You will be healed.

The sole prayed for my soul. God listened.