Life is a journey full of moments; memorable moments. Some are happy moments. Some are sad moments. Some are joyous moments. Some are unbearable moments. Some are inspirational moments. Some are moments that would just pass you by as you bear all the pains deep in the heart. All these moments are with reasons. They build up your faith. They help you grow character. They make you stronger. They make you sing to the heavens and bow down in humility.

My life is filled with moments of all forms. There were moments when I thought that would be the end of life. There were moments when I would just stare blankly in the sky and surrender myself to the One Most High. There were moments when I could not imagine how life could be so harsh and so unfair. Yet, in all those moments, a flash of light would always pull me back and bring me down. It grounded me and made my moments memorable in my heart.