The whirlwind

My mother was born to very hardworking educator-parents. Her father came from a poor family. This poverty did not stop my mother’s father from striving to be his best. He went to the University of the Philippines and he was at the top of his class.

When my mother’s father (my grandfather of the mother side) went back to his home province, he worked so hard as a teacher. With some friends, they founded a school that grew to this day as a University. But my grandfather’s humility took him out from the reins of the school he founded. The school was incorporated by his colleagues. His humility covered all his pride to be one of the founders of that school. He chose to ponder all these in his heart; without complaints. He was a devotee of the Holy Spirit and perhaps God had better plans for him.

My mother was a good pianist having been schooled with the German Sisters of the College of the Holy Spirit School of Music. Like all the “internas” at that time, she was graced with the right etiquette of a lady.

Upon her graduation from the School of Music, she would have wanted to become a nun. But my grandfather did not want her to run to the convent at a young age. He wanted her to experience the world.

And destiny was waiting for her. God always has the good plans for everyone.

She was hired as a Music Teacher in the island of dreams. While she was in a boat going to that island, someone approached her and said, “Ms. A there is someone who would like to meet you when you arrive the island. He is sitting right there. He is our Mayor.” My mother felt very uneasy because she was just out from the convent of the nuns and she did not know what to do. She just politely smiled to the bearer of the news.

She was pretty and she had the fairest skin. So she became the apple of the eye of her students and friends. But of course, the Mayor would not give up on his “love at first sight!”

Unfortunately, my mother was staying in the house of her relative who belonged to the other Party that was not that of the Mayor. So the Mayor never had a chance to visit my mother. Everyone knew that the Mayor likes to meet my mother but the barriers were strong especially that my grandfather had strict rules made with my mother’s relatives. NO VISITORS ALLOWED.

But this persistent young and dashing Mayor, would not give up. When he learned that my mother was going home for the town fiesta, the Mayor also boarded the same boat and on the same date as my mother’s trip. My mother remained calm during the voyage and did not bother to even smile to the Mayor.

Upon reaching her hometown, my mother was surprised when the Mayor also went to their house. The Mayor sought audience with my mother’s father. They talked. After a while, my mother was summoned. Her father told her that the Mayor was asking for her hand in marriage. What a whirlwind romance! They had not even dated yet or even talked informally about these things.

But my grandfather may have seen something on the Mayor. My grandfather just gave his unequivocal “yes” to the proposal of the Mayor. And the story of my mother’s lifetime with the Mayor began on September 29, 1952 in the Province of Bohol.

The whirlwind was so strong that nothing could stop it from hitting the ground to deliver its message of love. Man plans well but God has better plans all the time. His plans are for the generations to come.