I looked out the window and I saw a round-shaped bright light. It was like a well-lighted flying saucer. I asked my grandfather what it was. He could not explain. I asked my grandmother what it was. She could not explain it, too. So my brother and I who were still little children decided to call that well-lighted flying saucer as “aninipot.”

Amidst all my trials as a battered wife, I always dreamed of the “aninipot.” That dream kept on reminding me to wake up and stand up. I would drown in my dreams and sometimes I wake up feeling exhausted. Believing that there was meaning in that dream, I was resolved to pursue my studies and become a lawyer.

My plate was very full. I was a mother, a teacher, a housewife, a driver, and a battered wife. Then I decided to enroll at the College of Law. The whole four years were very trying times. I had to fit all my obligations in the 24 hours each day. I only had three hours of sleep everyday.

And God is always a great God. He made sure that I did not get sick. He made sure that my children did not get sick. He made sure that I had all the time for everything everyday.

Sometimes, when life is hard, we are pushed to be at our very best. I excelled in law school and despite my very hectic schedule, I had the time to make complete notes everyday. I had time to read all the cases and I was always on top of my classes; by God’s grace.

Graduating is just one thing as a law student. The next big thing is going to the Bar Review. Unfortunately, I was not lucky to get one. I did not have the means. While all my classmates went to the big City to get the Bar Review, I was left in our home province doing things to earn a living. But I had a secret review center. Every night, I would sit down in front of my simple altar and I would cry to God and read my books. I offered to Him what I could do best. I knew then that God had plans.

But I need to go to the big city. How? God must have heard all my prayers. God must have seen all my tears.

One day, out of nowhere, my friend, Ms. E, who was a bank manager, just handed me an envelope. She said, “Go, buy a ticket and take the bar!” I was speechless. I just cried. She hugged me and she said, “God will be with you. Go!”

So I left for the big city on the week when the first exam was to be given. I just took the exams, one day every week for the whole month of September. I just lifted to God all my answers.

The results came. They said it was the lowest results rating in the history of bar exams. It was only a 14% passing rate for the entire country. God is great! Truly great! I passed the bar exams.

In life, we just have to remember our “aninipot” and we do not give up. Hardships and difficulties are all temporary. Someone, like my friend Ms E, would always be there to be like an angel.

“Aninipot” is our dream that must have been cast in the heavens.