Judged but not Defeated

Have you ever experienced tightness of feelings of the heart? Have you ever experienced a heavy heart? Have you ever experienced a feeling like the whole world is just against you?

Melody, in her youth, was once admired by many. She was very charming and pretty; she smiles a lot. She was very bubbly; she talks a lot. She was very friendly; she is seen everywhere. She was bold and expressive; she dares.

Then one day, the Melody that people knew suddenly became another person. She was hiding. She was afraid. She was no longer smiling. She was no longer talking. She was just inside her house.
What changed her? She chose a path in marriage that was not acceptable to people. She was judged by people. To the community; she did not belong. And Melody changed.

Melody bore and raised her children in silence. Inside the house, Melody was the same Melody that she was in her youth. She was bubbly, funny, enthusiastic, and smiling. Her children grew up knowing the real Melody that she is.

“It’s okay if people are judging me. I will just keep my hurts to myself. But I will raise my children well and I will teach them the values that are so dear to me” said Melody.
True enough, the children of Melody grew up as responsible members of the community. They all finished their studies and they are gainfully employed. Some of the children are even popular in their hometown. They are good, approachable and very humble leaders.

Life may be harsh especially when we are judged by others. But we never let people’s perception of us affect how we see life. After all, life is about pleasing the One who created us for a reason and for His purpose. God is the reason.

Melody saw and still sees the reason for her strength. People around her have seen the fruits of her goodness. People are now drawn to Melody. She does not hold grudges. She has forgiven her accusers. “I would rather have a good heart. I pray for those who made me feel bad. One day, they will see the reason,” says Melody.