Overcoming Mountains

His name is George. There is nothing extraordinary in him. Friends even belittle him because he is very gullible. Relatives even care less of him; he is so naive. He does not make good in school. In fact, he was dismissed from one of his schools. Humbly, though, he transferred to another college. He graduated without the usual feasts. His family just silently celebrated George’s accomplishment in their home. No fanfare.

Then one day George was put to the test. His father met an accident. His father was the breadwinner. How will the family sustain the needs now? Who will stand up for them?
The mother has never worked in her life. The eldest daughter is already married. George’s younger brothers and sisters are still in middle school. How? Who will help them now?

Silently and without fanfare, George left the country. He looked for work.
He is earning now. No one could have imagined that the very ordinary George would rise to the occasion and support his family; sending all his brothers and sisters to school.

What could have motivated and inspired George?

The picture in George’s wallet that was taken on his graduation celebration says it all. The smile on the face of George’s father was enough to inspire George to stand up for his family; beyond words. Love is in the smile of his father. George is moved; he kept that picture close to his heart.