The Single Parent

“Can I talk to you?” she said. It was very difficult to hear her voice because she was crying. Then she continued while sobbing, “I don’t think I can make it any further. I am so tired already.”

That was some 20 years ago. Monina was crying buckets of tears. The world turned upside down. She was badly wronged and physically bruised. Her husband left the family and found someone else. When she follwed her husband, Monina was even humiliated to her face. The husband criticized her looks, her appearance, her shabby clothers, the pimples on her face. Her husband even had the nerve to call her ugly.

Monina went home crying even more. But what could she do? The children had to be raised well. She love them so well.

So Monina started applying for work. She had not worked before. She asked help from friends. Finally, she was given a teaching job in a small school. Hardship was Monina’s breakfast. Stress was her lunch. Tears were her dinner. But God was her inspiration.

And Monina did not give up. She was more determined to rise from the fall. She wanted to show to her husband that he was wrong for leaving the family.

When one sets her mind on something for a reason, then she would do everything. Sacrifices are means to one’s goal.

Today, Monina is very happy. She does not even bother to talk about the past. She is very contended and she feels so blessed. Her children are working in big tech companies in Japan. They are very disciplined and they take care of Monina.

“I never dreamed of this big house. I never dreamed of this car. I never dreamed of this rest house. But my children said that I deserve to be happy. So I will be happy and I will share my story to inspire others.”

There are many Monina’s out there. They will be inspired. They will set their hearts on the right things with the right values. They will be blessed, too.