The Well-loved One

Matthew is a cute little child. If you see him you would think he is an angel who came down from heaven. He has cute little eyes with curly eyelashes. His eyebrows are black as coal and bushy; making his face more defined. He has soft fine skin like cotton. His smile captures the look in one’s eyes. His eyes are so innocent. Perhaps when God blessed people with good looks, Matthew got a lot.

He loves to communicate; unfortunately he cannot talk clearly. Perhaps in his heart and mind, he is understood by the people around him. Little does he know that it is hard to understand him.

Matthew looks like he is five years old; actually, he is already 10 years old. But what makes him stand out? What makes him so confident? What makes him so endearing?
Perhaps the answer is as obvious as the picture of his family on the wall of their decent home.

Matthew’s parents understand their priorities. They are both professionals. But to them their children come first. Matthew’s parents take turns to work. One year the wife may be working. The next year the husband works. Both parents have sacrificed their career growth for Matthew and the rest of the family.

“I understand that we will never get to our dreams of having a house or a car or success. But it’s okay; our children need us. Matthew needs us” said the mother.
The picture on the wall looks like the one in Bethlehem; beyond words. It’s love.