They Are Good

When I go to any grocery, be it big or small, be it in Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Asian Store, SM, Robinson’s, 7 Eleven, MiniStop, Mercury, CVS, and others, there is always one thing that I would look around for. I would walk along all the aisles just to look for this thing. It is special to me not because I need it. It is not essential. But, yes, it is very important to me; I want to remember my friends.

I once worked with a big manufacturing company that produces a world-wide known brand. I was lucky to be offered the job; thanks to my good friend Atty. V. Angels are everywhere.

At first, I was at a loss. I did not know where to start. But this company was very considerate and very patient with me. I was coached properly. I was mentored by friends to excel. I was recognized by no less than the president of that company. I was inspired to do my best.

But what really gave me the push to go beyond metes and bounds was the love of the people around me. Their sincerity went beyond the scope of work. Their families were very involved, very enthusiastic and very caring. Their spirit of love, unity, and fortitude inspired me to be more creative and more engaging.

In our journey in life, there are momentary stops along the way. We just hope that at every stop we meet people who would inspire us; people who would bring out the best in us. It is this feeling of being loved, trusted, and respected that will make us a better person.

My life is a journey of becoming a better me. At every stop, I take notes of the lessons I have learned. I would always associate every lesson to a tangible thing so that I would not forget what I was taught by the people I met.

Yes, in every store, I would always look for Del Monte Pineapple Juice because when I see one I remember all the happy faces of the PEOPLE who made that brand excel. They are those who are out there in the sun, preparing the land, cultivating the land, planting the pineapples and harvesting the pineapples to be put in the cans. When I see the can of Del Monte Pineapple Juice, I see the happy faces and beautiful smiles of the people I once worked with. I would get sentimental and sometimes tears would fall. They are tears of joy as I remember my friends.