Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

I heard someone say, “I could have gathered some moss if I had stayed in one place.”

His statement is full of regret for time. He feels that he has cheated himself with resources and opportunities because he did what he did. In his heart, he has not fully actualized his potentials when he compares himself with his peers. In his mind, he believes that he could have achieved bigger results if he stayed his course.

Sometimes, such statement could be true. But if we live in regrets then we would be wasting time in trying to blame ourselves for the life that we lived. If we keep on telling ourselves that we could have been better then we would miss today. We would miss appreciating ourselves for who, what, and where we are today.

Life is very fleeting. Life is short. Life is not within our control. Yet, life is beautiful; full of surprises. Life has so much to give; this world, people, our past, our today, and our future. If only we open our minds and hearts then we would have a life well lived.

Blaming ourselves for the yesterdays that we have squandered is not fair. We have been our best at times when we needed to decide, to act, to respond, to react, and to be human. The past would always be a part of us. We can only appreciate today because of what we had successfully done yesterday. Otherwise, we would have been long gone from this world. Tomorrow is beyond us. We do not know what tomorrow will bring. But yesterday was joy; a life we lived fully. Today is excitement that we will live to create the better WE.

“I could have gathered some moss if I had stayed in one place,” he said. I told him, “Think of it this way. You would not have sharpened yourself and honed your edges if you stayed in one place because then you would have been covered with some moss.”

Looking at the bright side of things starts by appreciating Yesterday, loving Today, and praying for Tomorrow.