Be inspired

Nine months. It is a long journey inside a water bag. It is quite a feat to stay alive in there. Somehow it is scary.

“What is that? I can hear sounds but I don’t understand them. I can feel some touch but I don’t see them. I am always given this warm good food. What a blessing! But where am I?”

Nine months. I travelled alone. Then one day, I finally see something. I can hear distinct sounds. I can hear laughter. I can see faces. I see people jumping with joy. I’m out!

“Oh, so it’s you. Can I call you Mother? I can feel your hands now. I have always wondered how they look. I have always kept a picture of your face while I was inside you. So you are Mother. Hello my dear Mother!”

“And you are? Oh you must be that gentle touch, that big hum, that cradle when Mother is tired. Can I call you Father? Will you continue to sing your song for me? I always waited for those moments when I was inside Mother. Will you, Father?”

All of them are special. They are gifts endowed with great potentials. They will grow and they need to be nurtured with the same love, the same care, the same music, the same touch, the same hands that sustained them during those nine months.

Nine months; a long journey for one who knows nothing, who knows nowhere, who knows no one. Yet during that time, someone cared, someone loved, and someone made sure that the journey would be transformed into a magical tomorrow.

Be inspired because you are special.