Be different

I always want to walk along beach. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. It transports me to another time and space. It makes me wonder about many “what if’s” in life. It inspires me to pursue my dreams.

One day I was looking at the pebbles at the beach. I wondered. If these pebbles are like people how would they be thinking by now.

“I would have been greater than you,” said one pebble. “If only I listened to my friend and joined forces with him, I would be greater by now,” he added.

“Oh, really!” said one pebble. “If you have joined that friend of yours by now, then perhaps you would not be here talking to us, ” he added. “Don’t you enjoy every bit of our time here? We are being washed everytime by the waters from the sea,” he said.

In life we are like the pebbles on the shore. We keep on thinking of the “what if’s” in life. We forget that whenever we think of the “what if’s” we are also denying ourselves of the blessings of the “what we have” now. The day is over. We only have sunrise to sunset. If we dwell on the “what if’s” in life we miss appreciating the sun, the moon, and the stars. We miss appreciating the rain, the wind, and the storm. We miss the magnificent Rainbow.

Life is full of mysteries and “what if’s” are not part of the mysteries in life. They are hindrances and temptations for one not to be happy with the blessings thus far. So rather than dwelling on the “what could have been”, let’s just appreciate the now and we excitedly dream of the future. Life is like that; a continuous joyous ride to our destiny.