Joseph, The Carpenter

He was a believer in dreams. He did what he was told. He did not complain. He did not doubt. His faith was strong. He acted with courage even in the midst of adversities. He was the odd one but he was good.

Hammer and chisel were his tools. He was building a house. It was not a palace or a mansion. It was a simple structure built of bricks. Each brick was a Scripture message. Each brick had meaning. Each brick was not to keep his family comfortable. Each brick was for the world. Each brick was for every man.

He was the greatest builder. He built not a house, a palace, a mansion, or a villa. It was the simplest structure; but it was the grandest of all.

He was not wealthy. But he gave his family a pillar of faith to persevere through all trials.

He was not learned but he was the greatest teacher. His student became the greatest leader of all time. Simplicity, obedience, humility, and friendship were the greatest values he passed on.

We can remember what he did: Joseph, the Carpenter. We can ask him to help us build stronger homes. We can ask him to teach us how to mold and bake those bricks. We can ask him to show us the Way to be simple, humble, grateful, and faithful. We can ask him how to live our dreams without doubts. Pretty sure he would be willing to help. He is after all the great man who has lived a simple life. He has seen, nurtured, sustained, and held the Way.