The Core

It was cold and everything seemed so uncertain. Nothing. Nothing seems to be in place. But there he was, just calmly sitting down in a corner; eyes gazing towards the sun; hopeful but perplexed. 

I reached out to him. “Why do you love us when we have brought you nothing but pain?” His answer made me cry. “It is not who you are. It is not what you have done. It is who I am. I love you without reason. I love you because I do.”

Parents, too, love their children because they do. There is no need for reason to do that. It comes naturally. By instinct any parent would come running when the baby cries. Any parent would come with loving arms when the child falls. Any parent would hug the child when he cries. Any parent would go out of the way to be with the child in times of joy or in times of distress. Any parent would come to the rescue of the child when in trouble.

“Child, it is not what you do but what I want. I love you no matter what. Now is my time! I have finally won you. I have all your attention. I have all your prayers. This is my happiness. I am at the center of what you are doing. This is my victory!”

I reached out to him and he took my hands. The wrap was so warm. I could hear his heartbeat that sounded like music to my ears. I could feel the tears of joy in my eyes. “I am here,” he whispered.