Not Going Back to Yesterday

Yesterday was a struggle. Talents emerged. Passions rise. Breakthrough seen.

Essentials were defined. Job descriptions were reviewed and feathers in the workplace were ruffled. The need to think about key performance indicators in depth became the battlecry. Objectives and key results tracking were institutionalized. Revamps. Transfers. Movements. These characterized the breakthrough waves.

Then covid came about.

That which was wonderfully started and thought of became a nightmare. Industries were paralyzed. The dilemma was how to survive. Financial loss was slowly creeping into the night.

Covid came marching by in broad daylight.

Plans were very strategically thought of. Risks were identified. Mitigating measures were defined. Change competency was strengthened.

But covid would just not go away. It wanted to eat up on what man has set up. It was determined to destroy human lives. It was ready to wrought disaster.

Yesterday may have been won by covid. But not yet! There is always a ripple of change. There is always a light of hope. There is always a rainbow after the storm.

Yesterday may not have been what man aspired for; but it was man’s best foot forward to survive the unexpected.

Covid was real yesterday; and we are not going back to that. It may have won for a time being but not for long. There is hope. There is Divine Providence.