Recognizing the Now

Today is another day. Man learns fast. Change is inevitable. Man adapts. Man is resilient.

Today is changed by time. As always, time is the driving force. It defines what man can do. Time, after all, is the only commodity that man cannot create and man cannot buy.

“Times have changed,” they say. Actually, time has not changed. It is still moving at its own uninterrupted and undisturbed pace. It is still determined to bring man to time’s end.

The world around us has changed today. Cities which used to be flourishing are now slowly moving up. Rush hours that used to define the busyness of life have been hushed with WFH arrangements.

Face to face meetings that dominated boardrooms are transformed into online meetings where people would just worry about what to wear on top of short pants. Mute if you may. Create inaudible sounds if you may. Blur your view if you may. “Un-video” yourself if you may. Pause if you may. Online meetings are still fun as we see new surroundings, new themes, more smiles, less shouting, more ways to look for answer (thanks to Google in another screen), and more creativity.

“This is the Program that I wanted to show you,” said one enthusiastic Manager during her online presentation to her colleagues at work. Then her words were followed with, “Oh no, no, no, that’s not the one!” Everyone in the chatroom were confused. Someone immediately reacted, “What is it that you want to show then?” The Manager, realizing that she was in a very embarrassing situation, quickly said, “I’m sorry, I was talking to my child!”

While yesterday may have been so orderly. Today is something different. Today is worthy to be kept. Many lessons have been learned today.

  1. Man has realized that work is important.It is a blessing to the family. If it is important, then man knows he must do his part to contribute to the pie. The wheel must continue to roll.
  2. Organizations have realized that they cannot just build walls without participating in governmental programs. After all, disasters and pandemics are best resolved as one societal force.
  3. New heroes are born. Man sees, appreciates, and gratefully recognizes the role of all frontliners.
  4. People culture is on the rise everywhere. Man needs man. Man helps man. Man cannot be looking from an island of abundance into an ocean of despair. Man shares. Man cares. Man is wide awake.
  5. Resilience is driven by those who can plan and adapt fast. While people are limited in their movements today, people’s needs are efficiently delivered right at their doorsteps. New ways of interactions. New ways of accomplishing tasks. New ways of learning. New ways of getting what people want – goods, food, and others.

We welcome today with open arms. This is the now and this is what man will have for now.