When I was still in my Elementary grades, I already started to play the church organ for the church choir in our hometown. The choir then was composed of the famous women leaders of the church. I was the youngest member. I loved doing that role until I graduated from High School. 

When I went to college, I was separated from my church duties. I would only go to church on Sundays.

When I got married at a young age of 19, the more I got separated from church duties. I just became a Sunday churchgoer. 

One day, after I was liberated from my battered-wife days, I started to go back to church. I was lucky to volunteer to play for the church choir. This pleased me a lot.

Then I transferred work to the big city. Again, I was at a loss as to how to get connected to the church choir. I prayed for that.

One night, it was half past six when I started for home. I prayed before I started driving my car. I prayed that when I would drop by the church to audition for the church choir, I would be admitted. Then I remembered that it was the audition night for incoming choir members. So hurriedly, I left and drove through the traffic to reach the UP church on time.

When I reached the UP church, it was very silent. There was no sound of any choir practice of sorts. But there was a light at the altar side of the church. So, I went in after I parked nearest the church gate.

Once inside, I could only see two men – one cleaning and one checking on the electrical wires. So, I decided to pray and ask God for favor that I would be allowed to join the UP church choir.

“Do you really want to do that?” God said. I answered, “Yes, my Lord, I have always wanted to play the organ for the choir.” And God added, “But that is not what I want you to do.” He added, “Would you not rather keep quiet and talk to me in prayer?” 

I was struck to the core. God wanted me for another purpose and yet I have not even asked Him ever since what He wanted me to do. I just presumed that He would be very delighted to hear me play the organ in church for the choir since He has given me the talent to play musical instruments. It never occurred to me that He wanted me for another purpose. 

“I am sorry, my Lord,” I said. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. 

“Help my people!” He spoke. 

“How may I be able to help them my Lord?” I again asked.

“You will know; just listen!” He spoke.

So, I concluded my prayer and I decided to go home. It was already very dark outside the church and there were no more cars in the parking area. It was just me and my car. A little afraid for my safety, I hurriedly ran to my car. 

As I was about to open the door, suddenly, from the dark came a woman and a small boy. I got scared. Then in a genuinely nice and respectful voice, the woman said, “Please help me!” “My son,” as she pointed to the little boy in her arms, “needs some treatment for his illness and the doctor said that I would need to buy these medicines first.” Then she showed me the prescription. “Please help me! Please help my son!” 

I looked intently at the boy who seemed pale and malnourished. He looked sick, indeed. So, I got my wallet and gave her money. “I hope this can help you with the medicines!” I spoke.

She praised God and she thanked me. The boy, whispered, “Maraming Salamat po!” (Thank you very much).

I told the mother to pray very hard so that her son gets the cure. And they left towards the direction of the hospital which was right across the Church.

God works in very mysterious ways. He wanted to show me that my life purpose is not to be in the limelight and be at the center of the church choir. God wanted to remind me that my place is in the background where people would not even notice my presence.

In the dark, I can be God’s servant as well.