The Little Sheep

Remember Abraham? He was the sheep and the shepherd who became the father of all nations. Amazing indeed!

Abraham did not strive to be great himself. He just excelled in greatness. How are these two different?

The Pharaoh was striving to be a great leader. So, he employed the greatest minds in his palatial kingdom. When he needed to inquire or validate his programs, he would ask for the experts in that field to give him their advice. The Pharaoh was such a good manager who was striving to be a great leader.

So, what differentiated the Pharaoh from Abraham?

Abraham’s wisdom was from the author of wisdom. “Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.” (John 13:16). Abraham recognized the source of his wisdom and that is accredited to him as his righteousness.

The Pharaoh did not recognize anyone greater than himself. That was the flaw. Thus, Pharaoh’s kingdom was only very earthly no matter how great he would have wanted to establish his reign.

How does these things relate to us today?

We are in a very volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous social dimension. Many things have changed since this pandemic. Many lives were lost. Many protocols have been strengthened. On an incredibly positive note, however, the essence of being is appreciated and the “becoming” is attributed to the same Master that Abraham adored.

I could still remember a certain day. I was humiliated in a meeting when one expert attended and asked for my credentials. It was very embarrassing for me considering that I do not have the proper schooling for organizational change and organizational development. So instead of listening to what I have done for these companies, that expert questioned my qualifications to be part of the process of change. I was humiliated. But I kept things to myself, but I made sure that I communicated the same, but no grudges.

It is not what we know but how we impact lives that matter in this world. If books or knowledge would be essential in changing the world, then God would have written the books first before designating Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Solomon, and Jesus. But no!

Leading is not about reading books. Leading is being sensitive to listen like the sheep. Leading is being attentive to whatever is coming – a wolf, a predator, or a storm.

Abraham led with his ears to the ground. He listened to his people every day. He was even coached by his father-in-law to unload some of his “listening activities” by designating other leaders to do the listening for him. But Abraham enjoyed listening and he brought all these concerns to his Master who had the final solution.

Leading is seeing not only those that are in-front of us but more particularly those that are behind us. Peripheral and looking from behind is the Sheep’s expertise. Leading is actively knowing that “no one is left behind.” (Sustainable Development Goals 2030).

I am a sheep and I know I am nothing without my Shepherd. I will always seek to understand the voice from the Shepherd. Only then can I say that I have done my part in the greater scheme of things.