Fate or Faith?

“Oh, it’s a blessing in disguise!” She sent me a message which surprised me because I lost track of her. “So where are you now?” I messaged her back.

This is the story of Lyn.

Like me, Lyn married at an early age. She was only 19 when she got pregnant. Her parents wanted her to marry the guy who fathered the child. It was against her will to marry but then there were the norms to consider. The neighbors, the relatives, the friends had a difficult time accepting an unmarried, impregnated young lass. So Lyn got married.

But then fate was not kind. Lyn was physically abused by her husband who had no work but who was always drinking with his friends. Lyn had not completed her college education. So, she could not look for work in the city. She was all shame because even the milk of her baby would be shouldered by her parents. Lyn and the baby and the husband were becoming a burden to Lyn’s family.

But fate is always balanced out with faith. Lyn believed in her heart that one day, she would be given a break. She continued to nurture her faith. She is blessed with her parents who completely trusted her and supported her through and through.

Then the time came for a sad parting. Lyn could no longer tolerate the abusive behaviour of her husband. She parted ways with him.

Lyn, now a single mother, had to do something. She was determined to raise her child and give her a good future. Lyn continued her schooling and graduated one day.

Sometimes, when we are deep down, people who are close to us would also push us deeper. Maybe it is a way for people to put pressure on someone like Lyn so that she wakes up and rises from the deep. Hurt though she may be, but she did not bother to confront anyone. She just cried. I knew because she would tell me all her hurts and pains.

I transferred to another city, and I lost track of Lyn. Occasionally she would send me messages of how she was enduring all hurts. She was a clerk in a company and people were not so nice to her considering her background. They looked down on her. But she endured. She was determined to succeed.

Time flew by so quickly. I thought Lyn was still in their hometown nursing her hurts. But no! She is now somewhere in another country enjoying her good work in a big company. She got incredibly lucky. She is now a manager in that company. Now her messages are not about hurts and pains. Rather, she would consult on how to handle people at work.

I am happy for Lyn. I could still remember her cries, her hurts, her sorrows, her pains. But looking at the bright side of things, she is where she is now because she learned things the hard way.

Fate may be unkind but when our faith is stronger, then in the end, we win.