Lost and Found

She is Anna (not her real name, though). But we shall call her Anna. This is her life story.

She comes from a humble family in a small town. She went to college in the city. When she graduated, she went back to her small town where she got work. She was quite blessed, indeed.

Her parents were incredibly happy because she was now helping her father with the family financials. She sent her brothers to school, and everything was well. Anna was happy. “I had a strong faith. My only purpose in life was to help my parents. I pitied them a lot,” Anna would say that back then.

Anna’s blessing was pouring. She got married to an exceptionally good guy who doted on her. Allan, the husband of Anna, understood the needs of Anna’s family. So, Allan allowed Anna to continue working while giving all she earned to her parents and brothers. Allan was such a good husband.

Then sad news came. Allan met a vehicular accident. He was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he was declared “dead on arrival.” What a horror this was to Anna. She was hysterical. She just would not stop crying.

Anna became a different person. The once smiling Anna who was full of life became an Anna who would not even look at anyone in the eye. She became noticeably quiet. She did not want to mingle with anyone.

She continued to work but she would go home right after work. At home, she would just go to her room without even joining the family at dinner. “She changed a lot. We understand because this loss is just too much for our dear Anna,” her mother would say in the middle of her own sobbing.

After a year, Anna was still the same. She was just quiet; too quiet for anyone’s comfort. One day, someone saw that Anna was walking farther and farther from her home. It was still late afternoon so there was nothing unusual about it. But then evening came, and Anna was nowhere to be found. Her parents got worried, and they asked for her whereabouts. They went to the police station who assured them that after twenty-four hours and Anna would still be missing, they would conduct a search and investigation. No one knew where Anna went. Her father and brothers walked farther and farther from home in the hope of finding Anna. The neighbors also helped. But Anna was nowhere to be found.

No one knew what happened to Anna until a call from the hospital was received by Anna’s father. The family rushed to the hospital in the city. Upon seeing Anna, they were all in tears – tears of joy and sorrow; Tears of joy for finally finding Anna and tears of sorrow for not knowing what happened to Anna.

Anna would not answer questions. She just kept crying.

Then someone from behind asked Anna’s father to join him for a talk. They went outside the room where Anna was.

The man introduced himself as John. This was what happened to Anna.

John found him in a dark street in a deserted area. John, in his motorbike, was on his way home from the city to his hometown. He was going to spend the weekend with his parents. The he saw someone moving in the dark. At first, he was scared to move towards that direction. But something nudged him to go and check. There, in the dark, John saw Anna who was sitting on blades of grass. He checked on her for wounds or broken bones. There were none. So, he carried him to his motorbike and brought her to the hospital for better medical management. John did not know who she was. But inside her bag there was an identification card which had the phone number of Anna’s father. So, the hospital nurse called up Anna’s father.

“Was she hurt?” Anna’s father asked John. “Was she raped?” he was quivering. “Who did this to her?” Anna’s father could not understand.

John would not speak. He, too, just cried. “I really don’t know. What I know is that I saved her,” John answered.

Days passed and Anna remained at home, quiet and even quieter. She would just look out into the field as if waiting for someone.

Then one day, someone did come. It was John. He came to visit Anna. The visit became regular ones. Anna and John’s friendship bloomed. One day, John proposed to Anna. They got married.

Looking back, Anna says, “I am lucky. I was down and I really did not know why all those things happened to me. But John came along. An angel sent him to me.”

In life, there are angels and there are miracles. We just do not lose hope because there are second chances. Anna and John have three healthy boys now and they are blessed with good work. Their faith is even stronger now. They help others overcome fear and grief.  

Anna is grateful for her good Samaritan John. Her grief of lossing Allan is still in her heart, but she has accepted that part of her life. Now she feels blessed with this second chance of a simple life full of light with John and her three boys.

Life is a mystery of ups and downs. But faith wins in the end.