In The Garden of Change

Perhaps it is already a part of man’s system to resist change. Perhaps it started during the fall of Adam and Eve. They were in a state of grace, and they were in constant walk with God. But then Adam and Eve listened to the serpent. They were blinded from the truth that they were only creatures of God, and they could never be God. The greed to become like God led Adam and Eve to their fall.

Perhaps man learned his lessons the hard way. Taking from what happened to Adam and Eve, man is now more discerning, more calculating, more reserved in listening, adapting, adopting, or embracing any kind of change. Man must protect himself to survive and perpetuate his interests.

Then Jesus came along. Man found it so hard to accept the change even if the miracles that Jesus did were already God-like acts. Man, still unmoved and still doubting, chose to question Jesus’ person. Was he a God? Was he a prophet? Was he the messiah? Was he a Beelzebul? Was he inventing stories?

Man is trying to dissect the personality, character, and the image of Jesus. Some say that whoever wrote the stories in the Bible was a genius because they are so intertwined, exact, and relevant even today. But John said, if he were to write all that he knew of Jesus, the world could not contain all the books that he could write. And now we understand why? It is because the stories about Jesus are alive, changing, encompassing, dynamic, and yes, they adapt to the times.

To adapt is to embrace something that is good. To persist in something that is not good, something that is not uplifting, something that is not morally sound or even legally appropriate would be denying the basic truth. As they say, “the truth shall set you free.” Jesus is the truth. Jesus will set us free.

This pandemic is morphing into our lives. Unknowingly, we have become a different race, a different breed, a different culture. In some sense, it is doing man some good. Man has become more discerning, more contemplative, more considerate, more prayerful, more compassionate, more focused, and more real. On the other hand, there are some who choose to be like vultures who would manipulate their interests at the expense of those who are powerless.

Whatever it is, we go back to the story of Adam and Eve. They walked with God by living simple lives, enjoying the fruits of nature, bathing in the freshness of the air, feeling the rays of the sun, cooling their minds with the sweet-scented mountain breeze. They had everything. Yet, they fell into the trap. This hardened their hearts. Unlike Adam and Eve, who did not see the new day, we have been bought with the blood of Jesus. We must focus on His gaze and adapt to the change; change of mindset. We are only human and our life on earth is temporary. Hence, we adapt to changing times by walking with God in His garden.