The Genie

We always wish that a genie would come along and make our wish come true. But we also know that genies are not real. So we are actually wishing on something that will not come true.

But there is something more than a genie. There is someone more than a genie. We are not brought into this world for genies. Someone has purposely put us here to make wishes come true.

Perhaps that is the essence of why we continue to explore, why we continue to hope, why we continue to pray. We know deep inside our hearts that we are meant for something, for someone, for a reason.

It is this same reason that keeps us glowing and yearning to be better.

One day, when that time comes when we see the real genie face to face, we will be ready to say, “thank you!” It is not the wish to be someone, it is not the wish for something that will make us aspire to be better.

You and I are genies and we can make wishes come true.