Respect for those at work

I asked a friend, “How are you there? Is everyone in your place following the protocols during this pandemic?” My friend, Betty, said, “It’s sad that people seem not to care. Some wear masks and shields and some are not complying at all.” Betty is one of our thousands of millennials who go to work even during this pandemic. She would rather stay home and be safe especially now that this new delta variant is creating another wave. But she needs to earn a living for her parents who do not have work and her brothers who are still in school.

“You see, it does not matter at all anymore. If I die then I die,” said Betty.

I was shocked to hear such a statement from a young and promising career lady. But I guess many others share the same sentiments as Betty. What could they do? If they do not go out and work, then how could they have food on their tables, money for their utilities, payment for house amortization or rents, and money for medicines. If they do not have the courage to face the situation, then who would stand up for them.

While our leaders are doing their best to resolve the thousand issues during this pandemic, may we also do our part in helping Betty and her likes by at least following simple protocols to abate their fears and their risks. Perhaps we can help Betty with our compassion. Perhaps we can set aside our personal interests and just obligingly follow protocols. We may not believe the measures but somehow our compliance is giving Betty and others like Betty the confidence to go to work and somehow, feel safe. This is what we call respect. We respect those who need to earn a living by protecting them from harm. So, we comply with the protocols not because we need it but because we want to help Betty and her likes.

May we be one in this crisis. We pray for this to end. When it does, may we still be one.