The Lucky Ones

Man is the luckiest creature of God. Man is endowed with so many choices. Just imagine if you and I were animals. We would have less opportunities to survive. We may be fattened just to be slaughtered. We may be grazing acres and acres of land just to be turned into meat on the tables.

Man is very lucky. We choose what we want. We choose who we want to be. We choose where we want to live. We choose who we want to associate with. We choose where we want to work. We choose who we want to be for the rest of our life. We are very, very lucky, indeed!

Sometimes, though, we miss appreciating the fact that we are lucky. Instead of having grateful hearts, we listen to jealousy, to pride, to greed, to selfishness, to immorality. But still, we are very lucky. Even if we have muddled our hearts and made our souls black as pitch, we are still given second, third, fourth, and infinite chances to change our ways.

We are indeed the luckiest in this world. The next question would be, “How much time do we have to turn back into who we really are? Remember, we are made in the image and likeness of God. How much time do we have to buy that mirror and look if we have become like Him?”

But then we are very, very lucky. God is very patient. He does not count our wrongs. He does not look at his watch and scare us off. He patiently waits. He does not shout at man. He lovingly whispers. He just gives signs for us to remember.

What a lucky creature we are. Indeed!