In Sync

The famous quote, “Let go, Let God!” speaks a lot of positivity that we desperately need today.

A friend texted just now, “It’s ECQ again! When will this end?” To many of us, a declaration of ECQ, a quarantine measure, is something that connotes bleak days when most would be confined in the homes and access to commodities and other needs would be scarce.

We have been in this situation for over a year now. Yet, it is still the same. Nothing has changed. It is even becoming worse in other areas. Why is this happening?

I was watching a video yesterday. A high profile figure said, “It’s okay, we all die anyway.” I said to myself, “Hey, don’t say that!” While it is true that we will all die, for me such statement shows a lot of disrespect for our frontliners who are giving their best to save lives. If we do not believe in what everyone else is doing, then we just keep quiet and observe and watch.

For me, to be quarantined is a blessing in disguise. While there are sacrifices to be made, there are also opportunities that we can capture. It would be the best time to reconnect to the author of life. It would be the best time to harmonize with the basic good – air, water, breathing, health, body exercise, reading, watching inspiring movies, listening to soulful and relaxing music, and deep prayer. It is the best time to go back to our core of being, in sync with the rhythm of our heartbeats, in sync with the source of life.

This quarantine is a blessing in disguise.