An Open Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

I don’t know when it is the right time to write this letter to you. I don’t know if I am even qualified to write this to you. I don’t know what you will say by saying these things to you.

But I also know that I must tell you all these while I have time. I know that I am not in control of my time here on earth. I know that you are the ultimate planner, and all your plans prevail.

You see, Jesus, I grew up wanting to follow you. It was always with joy in my heart whenever I would be in church with you. I knew then that you were telling me something.

But then, Jesus, I am terribly sorry. I started listening to earthly passions and earthly desires. I became a different person. I started to go astray, going farther and farther from you. But this I noticed that every time I failed and every time I fell, you picked me up. I stood up with faith that you were there.

But then, Jesus, I am very weak. I always went back to my old self. I drifted away from you. You asked for time, but I could only give you a little. I was so busy with the details of my life, and I easily forgot that it was you who picked me up.

And now, Jesus, with the very little time that may be left for me here on earth, with this pandemic, with the catastrophes, with the calamities, with this uncertainty, I feel that I have cheated you with your precious time with me. If there is anything that I regret most, it is that I failed to give you my most special time.

I am very sorry Jesus. I cannot turn back the hands of time. And perhaps, I am running out of time. I have one prayer, though. That this time, let my time be entirely for you. Use me dear Jesus where I can serve you best. Bring me to where you want me to go. Guide me so that I will not go astray from you again.

My dearest Jesus, my time is yours. Please forgive me Jesus. Please hear me.

Most lovingly yours,