Dear Mother Earth,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am one of your inhabitants, a wanderer, and a user of your treasures. I am writing so that you will know how grateful I am for the many wonders you have shared with me, with my family, friends, and entire human race.

When I was born, I choked because I was waiting for your air to get inside my lungs. I panicked a little because I was wondering if you knew I was coming. But then, I was relieved when air gushed to my nostrils and into my lungs. I cried loud. That was my first cry; and yes, it was a cry for joy. My first question then was, “Who are you?” Softly like a whisper and very lovingly you said, “I am Mother Earth.” Thank you, Mother Earth, for rescuing me at that moment. I thought I would pass out even before knowing where I was.

Then someone took me into her arms and she poured water over my head. That was the first time I felt how cold and how refreshing the water was. I was thinking to myself, “Mother Earth is really awesome! She knows what I need.” Again, thank you, Mother Earth, that you gave me water on that day. Otherwise, I would have been stinking and no one would have wanted to cuddle me. But thanks to you, I smelled good and I heard people laughing and I saw smiles around me. They were all saying, “Oh, what a wonderful baby!” But actually, I was whispering to them to tell you, “Thank you, Mother Earth!”

Then two arms embraced me. He had a strong arm. He had a big but modulated voice. Was he singing? I opened my eyes and I saw this handsome man. No one told me who he was. But then again, thank you, Mother Earth. You whispered into my ears and said, “He is your father.” I was happy to see my father. I was trying to talk to him, “Hello, father!” But it seemed like he did not understand me. But thanks to you, Mother Earth, you whispered saying, “They cannot hear you yet.” So I said to myself, “It’s okay, Mother Earth is here.”

Then my father brought me to the arms of another. This time the arms were soft and warm. I opened my eyes and I saw a very beautiful face. I said to myself, “Is that you, Mother Earth?” But the beautiful face was just smiling and kissing my forehead. She was not answering me. Then you whispered, “That is your mother!” I was very happy that I have a beautiful mother who loves me so much and a very strong father who loves me, too. I said to myself, “I am very blessed that Mother Earth is with me. Otherwise, I would not have known my parents.” Thank you again, Mother Earth.

I grew up so fast because I ate everything on my plate. I wanted to see you face to face, Mother Earth. So I learned how to walk. It was a very painful experience to learn to walk. I had several falls. But it was okay. I really wanted to stand up and walk by myself. Father and Mother were very happy when one day I just stood up and walk. Were you happy for me, too, Mother Earth?

Then I learned how to run. I started running outside the house. I made friends with our neighbors. I had all the fun that I could think of. I said to myself, “What a wonderful world this is!”

Then I started going to school. Friends, fun, parties, toys, travels, food and lots of them. I went to the university and I was honored with medals. Father and Mother were very happy. I was very happy, too.

Work was easy to find with the good education that I had. I worked and worked and worked. I was happy with all my achievement. Success was knocking at my door.

Then just out of nowhere, everyone got sick. “What’s happening?” I was asking myself. “What went wrong?” I pondered. I was watching the news and it seemed like no one knew what to do and no one knew what happened. This illness everywhere just happened. This virus. This pandemic. Deaths. Hospitals. Cries. Anger.

What happened?

Then I remembered you, Mother Earth. You see, I have forgotten those days when I would be thanking you for almost anything. I got so busy with my world that I forgot to talk to you and to thank you.

So I am writing this to you, Mother Earth, to say, “I am very sorry that I have totally forgotten you.”

They say we are stewards of Mother Earth. But you see, Mother Earth, I have not been a good steward. I have not done anything to take care of your water, your trees, your birds, your fishes, your air, your mountains, your lakes, your rivers, your gifts of life. I was so busy pursuing my own personal interests that I totally forgot about you and all your treasures.

But I know it is not yet too late; hence, I am writing this letter. If this reaches your end, please, Mother Earth, please know that we love you. We know of no other place where we can be. We thank you for lending us your place and thank you for allowing us to use all your treasures.

We can never repay your goodness, Mother Earth. We can only offer our love to you as we take care of others and as we try to correct our ways so that we do not continue to harm or destroy your place.

Thank you, Mother Earth. This is a very nice, warm, cozy, and excellent place to live. Thank you for the air, the wind, the waters, the land, the birds, the fish, the trees, the mountains, the seas, the fruits. Thank you, Mother Earth. Thank you.

Lovingly yours, Lessee