The Little Farmer

This is his land. Like a little child, Daniel ran around the land that he got from his inheritance. He felt so blessed having this undeserved gift.

But after all the excitement, reality set in. Daniel felt very tired and weary and sad. Doubt came to life and won against joy.

And just like anyone who starts to doubt, Daniel started to complain to himself, to the soil, to the bushes, to the wind. “How can I grow anything from this kind of soil? Where will I get water to nurture the plants? Who will help me till the land? Will anyone be interested to buy the fruits of my toil?”

These were Daniel’s thoughts as he looked at the land that he inherited from his parents. A desolate land. It cannot even be called a farm. There is nothing in it. “How could they have called some land like this a farm?” Daniel was whining. “I inherited a farm, they said,” Daniel was talking to himself. “But what is this? Is this a farm? There is nothing in it?” And Daniel moped and sat down and did not bother to look for food.

A strong wind suddenly passed by. It seemed to Daniel that even the wind was mocking him. “What good can happen here, Boy? Go back to your happy life in the city. That is your place. That is your happiness.” Daniel seemed to hear the wind nudging him to wake up and get real. Daniel got a little irritated and shouted back, “Hey, I’m not done here, yet! Leave me alone.”

In the stillness of the night in the farm which had nothing but a small nipa hut and a small stream at its side, Daniel looked at the flames of the small fire that he made.

“This is the simple life that I have been dreaming eversince. This is the life that I have always wanted. Now, here it is. But why am I not happy?” Daniel started to doubt himself.

“Because you are very hard to please.” A small distant voice answered his questions.

“Hey, don’t say that! I am always easy to please. I am easy to get along with that is why I have so many friends. I can always be happy even with little things,” Daniel answered back.

“So why are you not happy then? Is this little thing that you are given not enough for you? Is this not what you prayed for?” The little distant voice persisted.

“Hey, how come you are answering back. Who are you? Can you just leave me alone while I am thinking on what to do?” Daniel started to get irritated because someone has invaded his private time.

“Come now, Daniel, don’t be rude. I’m just your little conscience reminding you of your dream. Remember, you prayed for a simple life. Is this not the life you have always wanted? Or are you regretting now that you even prayed for one?” The little distant voice seemed very sad and sobbingly said, “Okay then, I will leave you in peace. Just follow what you want. I am here to answer your prayers but it seems you do not like the answer.”

“Don’t be sad and don’t leave me.” Daniel suddenly realized that he was just talking to himself. “I know I have always prayed for a simple life, not the kind of life I lived in the big city. I always wanted a simple life that is near mother nature; one where I can breathe fresh air and watch the stars at night just like what I am doing now.” Daniel looked through the whole expanse of the sky which was brightly lit with stars, glimmering as though welcoming him to this new world.

“Yes, I do remember. This is my dream. Thank you dear conscience for reminding me of my prayer. Thank you dear heavens. I do not deserve this gift. I am very grateful.” And Daniel fell asleep.

He must have been too tired with the trip and the walking yesterday, Daniel thought. The sun was already up and too hot on his face when he woke up.

“Coffee, I need coffee!” Then Daniel realized where he was and obviously there was no coffee there. “If I am going to live here, I have to buy a kettle, a pan, some plates, and yes, some cups and coffee.” Looking around, he saw some movement in the nearby bushes. He was a little scared. He hated snakes. He almost got bitten once. “I think that is a snake out there,” Daniel thought.

Daniel was still slowly stretching while looking around for a stick when a sound came from another direction. He looked that way and just like an angel coming down from heaven, he saw this white dog running with a stick. Daniel could not believe what he saw. He rubbed his eyes to check if he was not dreaming. But the dog was there, running towards him. He had not even prayed yet but the answer was already there. “How come you know what I need?” Daniel was getting used to speaking to the wind. “Because I am here!” The wind responded.

Daniel hugged the dog. Then the wind, instead of being cold, passed by and touched his face. It was a warm, soothing mountain breeze. Daniel dropped to his knees and said, “Dear Lord, I’m sorry if I did not believe that my dream could come true. I must have looked like an idiot to you. Please forgive me. Thank you for this life and thank you for fulfilling my dream.”

The wind passed by again and this time Daniel knew how to respond. He closed his eyes and inhaled as much as he could and murmured, “Thank you, God!”

Inspired and motivated from within, Daniel started to plan on what to plant in his little farm. He will plant moringa all around. He will plant sweet potato all year round. He will plant lemongrass to replace his desire for coffee. Oh yes, this little farm will be a blessing to anyone who passes by. Daniel, thought, “I will share what I can harvest from my little farm.”

And so it was. The little farm bloomed and the neighbors and friends came to visit Daniel. They now call him, “The Little Farmer.”