The Altar Boy

Mario grew up from a poor family. His father was a tenant-farmer while his mother was a housekeeper. He has four brothers and six sisters. Life was unkind but this did not stop him from dreaming big. He packed his bag and he offered his services to the church. God must have led him there because the priests took him under their roof.

Mario was able to go to a private school. “This is my ticket to take my family from poverty,” Mario would remind himself everytime he encountered trials and difficulties. He worked so hard to please the priests, the church goers, the school administrators. He worked so hard to build good relations with his classmates and made good friends. He did not mind that he was called, “The Altar Boy.” To him, it was an honor to be identified with God’s sacred place.

When he graduated from college, he was endorsed for good employment that opened doors for Mario. Because he was used to hard work, then he worked hard. He spent nothing for himself. He gave everything to his family. Thus, his siblings were able to go to school as well.

Luck and destiny were so kind to Mario. He must have done something really good that pleased God to put him in the pedestal of success. Yes, more than hitting a jackpot in the Lotto, Mario is now enjoying a life of abundance.

But in this bliss, Mario does not forget that he was once upon a time a very poor boy who could not even afford to go to school, buy a shirt, or shoes, or go anywhere outside the church. Mario remembers that back then, no one, not even his relatives, would want to visit their home; perhaps in fear that the family of Mario may ask favors from the relatives.

But now, times have changed. Relatives would want to be associated with Mario. Even the local leaders are now visiting Mario. Mario does not have any grudge or hatred in his heart. But he remembers what he went through. So he does not allow these relatives or local leaders to take advantage of him, control him, or influence him. Mario knows who put him here and he knows the reason.

He knows who his real friends are. “I will always be grateful to God and to my friends because they led me to my dreams,” Mario would always be heard saying this to everyone.

Mario knows there are other people who would need him. So he has opened his big property and home to those who have less in life and those who are marginalized in society. He is helping those who cannot afford to go to school to have access to good education. To Mario, this is happiness. To Mario, this is his purpose.

When God has written His plan, He makes sure that this plan is realized.