Let’s Go!

I have always been known as the “let’s go” person. When I set a time for something, I expect that everyone who is supposed to go with me is ready to go at the exact time. If not, I would not hesitate to leave anyone behind.

Yes, it may be harsh sometimes to do that. But you see, I got the positive results from my friends and groups by doing that. So, whenever they commit to something with me, they make sure that they are on time. Otherwise, I would go without them.

With God, it is somehow different.

God reveals to us His plans when we pray. Then we doubt. We ponder. We hesitate. We waiver. We have so many reasons. We have so many questions. But God does not leave us behind.

God gives us time to understand the situation. God understands our hesitations. God does not hesitate to elucidate further on His plan. God plans to intervene and to bring us to where He wants us to be.

Yes, I am not the leader that God has shown in my life. I am the “let’s go” person in terms of mundane and worldly concerns. But when it is about God’s plan, my human weakness precedes my response. I am sluggish.

If God was like the “let’s go” person that I am, then God may leave me where I am.

But God is forever loving and compassionate. He never leaves us in the desert. He nurtures us when we are in our Mt. Carmels. He heals us when we are in our deep valleys. He sustains us even in our unbelief. He never changes. He never waivers. He remains our one true God.

“Let’s Go!” I am ready God. Please let me walk with you in your most perfect time.