Just Completely Trusting

What is the point? I do not see one.

So, how can I write something when I do not know where to start and where to end?

But why am I even doing this…hitting the keys when nothing comes out from my mind?

Where will this lead me?

They say, if you want to write, you must follow your thoughts and just keep on writing.

I wonder if it is even sane to keep doing this. Is this leading me to something?

But yes, I trust the one who said, “I want you to write. It is not you who is writing. Your words are not yours. They are mine.”

So here I am. I will continue to write. I will write what comes out from my thoughts. This may lead me to something in the end. Trust is already an important thing here.

When you trust someone, you must give him your undivided attention and your utmost sincerity. You do not question his thoughts because you know they are pure and honest. You do not bother to validate things because you know that what you hear and what he says are all honest words that will not harm you or any other person.

Trust. This is what I am doing now. I trust the one who said that I can write.

Trust is a big word. But the one I trust has made it into something simple.

So, when I say I trust him. I trust him. PERIOD.