The One

1 is my favorite number. It not only represents our One True God, but it signifies our unity with Him. He formed the world out of nothingness. He created man out of dust. He breathes the Spirit to make His creatures alive.

1 is my favorite number. It is the foundation upon which the cross is laid. It is the connection that God has made for man by sending His One and Only Son to die on that cross and save this world.

1 is my favorite number. It reminds me that Jesus gives His compassionate love to each one – rich or poor, good or bad, young or old, weak or strong. He is the Savior for all, and He does not see our sinful nature. He sees our one heart and soul that He wants to capture.

1 is my favorite number. It gives me the assurance that when I am weakest, I just have to call upon the Holy Spirit of God, the only One who can lift me up and draw me nearer to Jesus.

1 is my favorite number. It is the only One because He is the Only One. There is no other like Him. I would rather die than forsake Him. I would rather perish from this world than deny that He is my The One. In Him I am fully alive. With Him I am who I am. Through Him I can be who He wants me to be. He is my The One and He will always be.