2022 is Dawning

When God created man, His first intent was to let man freely enjoy God’s presence in God’s garden. But man chose to listen to man’s curiosity and doubt set in. When God called Adam, “Where are you?” God was not playing a hide and seek. God was questioning man’s priorities.

But God, with His loving compassion, does not give up on man. This time, though, man must seek the loving presence of God in the stillness of man’s mind, heart, and soul.

Throughout the years, man has struggled for existential learning; following man’s dreams, pursuing man’s interests, building relationships, seeking the real meaning of life.

The Bible teaches us that all these will happen: storms, floods, plagues, and the great earthquake. All things shall pass and only God is constant.

2020 and 2021 taught us life lessons in the most difficult ways. The pandemic changed lifestyles and wrecked havoc. Finally, we learned that we only need life essentials and the topmost of which is our faith in our One True God.

2022 is dawning and slowly societies are waking up to new realities. Living a life of Christian virtues is gaining ground. Fairness, compassion, respect, and humility are alive.

We thank God for 2021. We thank our families, friends, colleagues, leaders, employers, governments, churches, and all those who made our 2021 significant.

We pray to God that 2022 would be a good year for everyone as more and more people are drawn closer and closer to Jesus.

May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be given to us in 2022 as we earnestly seek for His presence in our day to day lives.

We welcome 2022 not with a bang but with knees fully bent in sincere prayers: adoring, glorifying, and exalting the name of Deus Anima, the God of the soul.