Humble beginnings of the Greatest Leader of all time

He was born to simple parents, a carpenter and a young housewife, in a small town in Bethlehem. No one knew them there. But shepherds and magi were sent to honor him. The Angels of heaven sang their praises on his birth.

His parents knew that he was a very special child, God’s very own. Yet, they kept all these things in their hearts. They chose to follow the instructions of God through His Angels. They had to travel from here to there to avoid persecution. They had to protect the Child of God.

They brought him up without putting air into his head. He continued to live a happy and simple life with his family and relatives. Love was evident. Respect was taught. Obedience was the utmost virtue. Relationship was very important.

For thirty years, he lived as the son of Joseph the Carpenter and Mary the Housewife. This status in life did not bother him. Nor did it stop him from achieving his purpose. For 30 years he prepared himself for his purpose. For 30 years he learned the Word, he experienced life, he lived fully.

Then it was time for him to come out and preach about God’s Kingdom. He knew he was the Messiah that everyone had been waiting for. Yet, he waited for the right time to be recognized not by man but by God.

At the River Jordan when Jesus was coming out of the water after he was baptized by John, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove came upon Jesus and the gates of heaven opened and everyone heard God saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

What a recognition! What a perfect time! What a revelation!

But not everyone could accept the fact that someone with lowly beginnings can become a Messiah. In that society where dieties and kings were regarded as gods, Jesus’ declaration as the Son of God was preposterous and hard to believe. Their unbelief was more on the part of jealousy and pride. They saw what Jesus was capable of doing: turning water into wine, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, letting the lame walk, raising the dead, calming the storm, feeding thousands with just seven loaves and some fish, sending the evil spirits to the swine, and many more. Yet, all these miraculous deeds that only the Son of God could do, were put aside and ignored when he was being judged. They chose to be blinded by their pride and deceit.

God did not intervene. He let man go his own way. He let man decide on what to do with Jesus. It was Jesus’ mission: to save man from wretchedness, evil, vile, and sin.

Ironically, man crucified the very person who was sent to save the world.

What sorrow! What grief! What misery!

Yet, God is the God of love, the author of life. He never gives up. What God promises will be done in his most perfect time.

The Book of Revelation tells us that the reign of Jesus in the New Kingdom will come at a time we least expect. But before this, all the events outlined in the Book of Revelation must happen. Then Jesus will come down in his heavenly throne with all his Angels and all those who bear the mark on their foreheads.

What a sight! What a marvel! What glory!

“Oh when the saints go marching in, oh when the saints go marching in; Lord I want to be in that number; Oh when the saints go marching in.” This is such a lovely song that is very apt for us today.

This pandemic, this covid 19 virus, earthquakes, forest fires, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and more, are part of those mentioned in the Book of Revelation. When it would end remains a mystery as no one knows the Mind of God. But it is written and His Will be done.

“Oh when the saints go marching in, oh when the saints go marching in; Lord I want to be in that number; Oh when the saints go marching in.”