I met her in one of my stops in this life journey. Time made us bump into each other for so many reasons but one prevails: to learn from her life story.

Caridad came from a wealthy family from up North. But she was swept by the bow and arrow of Cupid that brought her to the South.

Regionalism did not bother her at all. She blended so well and she became just like a native-born in that area. She had so many friends. People tend to flock when you are someone or you have some power, wealth, fame, or influence. Caridad had all. Naturally, people swarmed to her.

People can be friends especially when you host parties every so often. Caridad was the gracious host in all their parties. With the influence and the wealth that they had, people wanted to be counted among her friends or just guests.

Then one day, the husband of Caridad got sick. Unfortunately, this led to the death of her husband. Caridad was in grief especially that they had no offspring. She was alone in a very big house, mending her broken heart, and drying her tears.

Days became years and years and years. Parties were over. Wealth was spent for the hospitalization of the husband of Caridad. She was left with barely something for her bare essentials.

True friends are found when you have nothing; no wealth, no power, no influence, nothing, nothing, nothing. Caridad realized this but she kept all her hurts to herself.

With no friends around, Caridad turned to God. He warmed her heart and soul. Truly, God is awesome. At more than 80 years old, Caridad was still travelling to places outside the country; and by herself. God took care of her during her most difficult times. God assured her that His presence is sufficient. His love is enough.

Caridad regained her enthusiastic self. She was once again bubbly and smiling. She had the lightest heart and the kindest soul. She lived a simple life eating only porridge in all her meals, everyday.

Caridad was so blessed to have experienced bliss and difficulties in her lifetime. Most of all, Caridad was so blessed to know God and be sheltered by Him under His wings.

I feel blessed that I have known Caridad and I have seen how she lived; a very simple, enjoyable, enthusiastic, and cheerful life. I believe life should be lived that way.