Demetrius Flaviano

The name Demetrius rings a bell for those who are fond of watching Christian movies depicting those days when Rome tried to silence the early Christians. In the movie, “The Robe,” Demetrius was the servant who got hold of the robe after the soldiers who were betting upon the Robe of Jesus were dispersed due to the hale and the storm when Jesus died on the cross. In that movie, Demetrius’ conversion was at that very moment when he saw Jesus on the cross and Jesus’ Robe was in the hands of Demetrius. It was a blessing and a guide for Demetrius as he became a great warrior who fought in the arena against the mighty gladiators of the king.

I know someone by that same name, Demetrius. Unlike that character in the movie, the Demetrius that I know is not an arena fighter. But yes, he is a fighter in a relative sense.

When he was born, he was lovingly and warmly received by his parents who adored a baby boy as their first child. They had high hopes for the baby’s future; seemingly, like that of the character in the movie.

Very much like the character in that movie, the baby Demetrius with a second name Flaviano, grew up as a silent and simple child. He was very independent and he avoided the limelight. He chose to be in the background, observing his peers, his siblings, and his friends. He was not much of a talker. He was a great observer. This character fit him into the career that he pursued; a seaman. Just like other Flavianos, he loves to travel. So being a seaman gave him the opportunity to see the world.

He has been through all walks in life, but he remained the good Demetrius that he is. He silently fought for the financial support of his parents who were determined to educate their children. Without qualms and without fanfare, Demetrius voluntarily helped his parents without asking anything in return. He did not fight in the Roman King’s arena but surely he fought in God’s arena of love and compassion.

Looking at him now, I see the reason why he chose to be quiet, why he chose to be out of the limelight, why he chose to be simple. All the time, he has been growing in the presence of God. His joy, his strength, his discipline, his determination, and his enthusiasm to help others are all fruits of his deep faith in God.

Man is born with choices. But while still in the womb, God has already crafted a plan for each one. His plan is always the best for each one.