What’s in a name? A lot. We grow into the person that we want to become. We become the person that we want to be.

The name Sergio has its Italian origin which means “servant.” Being a servant in the years before Jesus Christ came into this world was being of lowly stature even to the point of having no identity. Being a servant back then was comparable to things that can be traded and sold in the marketplace.

But Jesus changed the meaning of “servanthood.” Being a servant is what Jesus was preaching; to be a servant to others thereby participating in the Kingdom plan of God.

The Sergio that I came to know since my birth was a servant of God. Grounded in humility since his school days when he had to earn his right to education, this Sergio raised a family that he offered to God. He taught his children how to live simple lives in this material-driven world. He showed his children how to endure persecution and trials. He strengthened the family bond by encouraging every member to read the Bible, to pray, to study hard, to be kind, to respect others, and to love music.

Music is the language of the soul. That was the language clearly communicated by Sergio to his family, to his close relatives, and to his friends.

In this world, when we do not flutter and flap our wings, no one would notice us. Some may even try to poke on the wings and hinder us to fly. Sergio did not bother to make his feathers shine for others to see. He chose to lead a quiet but definitely enjoyable life with his deep faith. He was well-read and well-versed in philosophy, politics, religion, science, law, and the world. Yet, he would not even dare to open his mouth to show what he got. He would respond when asked for counsel, for advice, for opinion by people who saw his true worth.

A simple man with simple wants. Sergio’s way of life while he was alive created a deep imprint in the hearts of his family, relatives, colleagues, and friends.

Today, I remember Sergio, my father. He was a fair Judge. He was the best father. He was the kindest husband. He was a good violinist. He was a good dancer. He was a good writer. He was a good poet. He was a man of God. Today is his birthday and may God be pleased with the life that His servant Sergio had lived on earth and in heaven.