The Gardener

Once there was this simple boy that we shall call Columbus. He could be a dreamer, too, just like Joseph. Whatever he could have dreamt, he kept it to himself.

Life was not that kind to Columbus. He was born to a poor family. They barely had enough for the table everyday. His parents could not afford to send him to school. But Columbus did not see this as an obstacle. His dream must be lived.

Columbus found his way into the humble home of a Christian family. Columbus was given the chance to study in a Catholic school. During his spare time and during weekends, Columbus was the family’s gardener.

God apportions His blessings and talents to everyone.

Columbus had a “green thumb.” Whatever he planted flourished. Neighbors and passersby noticed the manicured and flowery garden of the family where Columbus lived. That was enough to make Columbus happy and enthusiastic to give his best in the garden.

Columbus sharpened his saw. He studied about plants and how to make them grow better. This brought him opportunities. His talent was recognized. The rich and the famous wanted Columbus to visit their gardens and dress them up for beauty.

This talent and skill, this gift that God gave to Columbus, led him to the doors of the monastery. Columbus became a monk. And there, his talent even grew more. This time, it was not just flowers that he planted. It was not just the famous coffee beans that he grew and tended. He sow the seeds of Jesus’ love in the hearts of many.

Rich and poor are equal in the eyes of Columbus. He did not forget his beginnings. He was always grateful to them: to his family, to his extended families, to the descendants of his original sponsors, to the people who gave him this wonderful opportunity to be with God.

Columbus became known far and wide. Yet, Columbus remained simple, very approachable, very influential, very relational. When he died, many grieved for the loss. Many prayed with grateful hearts for making Columbus a part of their famlies. He will always be remembered.

May God’s will be done here on earth and in heaven.