This is not her real name but this is the story of her life.

She was born in an affluent family. She had everything that she wanted. She had housemaids that she can call with just a ring of the bell. She could travel around the world when she wanted and she did. She went to the best schools. She pursued her interests. She had many friends. She was popular.

Yet something was missing in her life. She knew nothing about hardship. She knew nothing about difficulties. She knew nothing about conflicts in relationships. She was poor in spirit.

This world is not meant to be lived in affluence and materiality alone. This world is to be lived in relationship with others if one wants a meaningful life. Bernardita missed this point.

The world will not adjust to man. Man has to adjust to the world. Change is constant and man has to adapt to change.

Bernardita found it difficult to adapt to the change around her. Her friends were no longer available as much as they used to. They already lived their own lives, their own families, their own careers, their dreams. Bernardita was left to herself and the four walls of her home. This was the most difficult phase of her life. People need people to talk to, to relate to, to find meaning in life.

Thankfully, she did not give up. It was a difficult phase for her. Some even avoided her for fear of being affected by her moods and her tantrums. Some even thought of her as having gone crazy. But it was just a phase and she needed someone strong enough to support her. She needed someone to lean on.

Bernardita found her way back to her beginnings. After all, she was raised in a good Christian school. She found comfort in the church. Slowly and painfully, she stood up. If she cannot find a partner in life, then she could make her own family.

That was the best idea of her life. Bernardita took into her home infants to take care of. These were infants who were born into this world with mothers who were not prepared to nurture their growth. Bernardita was their answer. Bernardita was a blessing to them.

True indeed, Bernardita found meaning in her life. She raised the infants and watched them bloom into loving children. She cared for them as though her very own. The children love her as their true parent. They need each other to become one happy family.

Man is born for a reason and for God’s purpose. God always prepares us for the purpose that we are meant to live. He will let us go through trials and pains. In the end, his purpose is always a blessing.

Bernardita found her reason for being.