And You Are

I do not really watch TV. I watch drama and action movies, though. I watch drama and action series, too, especially those made in Korea.

One day I was introduced to someone that I saw for the first time. The leader said, “Oh Sir, this is Ms. Girlie, she is our…” I cut him short and held my hand saying, “Hi, I’m Girlie, their servant and you are…”

The man introduced himself saying, “I’m Mac (not his real name) and I love cooking. I would love to let you taste some of my recipes.” I happily answered, “Oh wow! I would love to do that. Which hotel or restaurant are you connected with so I can go and visit?” Just then, someone from behind whispered, “Ma’am, he is a celebrity on TV and he has a cooking show!” So I gave the man my big smile and said, “Oh my, someone said you are a celebrity. Can I have a “selfie” with you then?” From then on, we became good friends.

Looking back, what would have happened if that man said, “Oh, I’m Mac and I am a star on TV. Don’t you know me? Where have you been all this time?” The events would not have turned the way it was. We would not have become good friends.

But Mac was dressed with humility and his sincerity adorned his personality. He was willing not to be recognized as a star by someone as ordinary and perhaps as ignorant as me.

In the burning bush story, Moses asked God, “If the Israelites will ask me who sent me and who said these things to me, what should I tell them?” And God readily answered, “Tell them that I AM WHO AM sent you.” God could have shamed Moses by saying, “What, you don’t know me? Where have you been all this time? I own heaven and earth. I created you. I am the reason for your being. I know everything that you do. I have numbered the strands of your hair. I have counted the sand on the shore. Yet, you do not know me?” But God did not answer that way. He showed us humility by just saying, “I AM WHO AM!”

One priest was saying in his sermon that oftentimes we hear people who would react to questions verifying their identities by saying, “You don’t know me? I am so and so and I can get you out of work anytime. Do you want that?” Oh my, what a disaster would that be for the one who verified. But what a character would be displayed by the one who spoke highly of himself.

Jesus is teaching us to be humble. He could have just squashed and trampled on all the villages and village people by exercising his being the KING OF KINGS. But Jesus didn’t. He chose to act according to the values and virtues he wanted us to imitate and manifest. He led by example.

I AM WHO AM. Such a good model for introducing ourselves. Just simply ME.