That name alone speaks for who she was. Perhaps, she may have looked it up in the dictionary and she lived by it. Hilja is a girl’s name and it means calm, quiet, silent.

Hilja was one of the four sisters in the family of twelve. She was the tallest. She had the fairest complexion. She was the smartest. She was the kindest. She was the meekest. She was the prettiest.

But fate was not kind to Hilja. After college, she could not get any good employment. Unlike her siblings who were street-smart, Hilja was very reserved in her actions. She was not a fighter.

Hilja became a recluse. She was contented to just stay at home. She stopped working. She had no friends to have fun with. She was just doing household chores for her parents and the extended family that they lived with. She was short of becoming the servant of the household. She did all the cooking, all the house cleaning, all the washing of clothes, and everything.

Hilja became quieter and lonelier. Perhaps she just kept all her frustrations and despair in her heart. She became moody and her sweet smiles seemed to fade away day after day after day. The smile became a fierce and sinister look in her eyes that usually scared others away. Her eyes were like blades of swords that could tear the heart.

No one bothered to ask Hilja if she needed help. No one bothered her.

But again fate seemed to have a different road for Hilja. She was the only survivor in the house. Her parents and other relatives were gone before her. Her siblings had their own families and homes. Hilja was by herself in an old home.

Perhaps the loneliness became a mountain to her. Her tantrums and mood swings were beyond one’s comprehension. Some would pity her. Some would taunt her. Some would mock her.

But what could she had done? When one is alone, would not the Holy Spirit come closer? Would not Jesus see man at one’s lowest point?

We do not know the answer. We do not know what went inside the heart and the mind of Hilja. For all we know, she was happily immersing herself in God’s love.

Who are we to judge?

One day, Hilja silently left this world. Prayerfully, we can say that God would take care of Hilja. Social justice even says, “The least in life will have more in law.” Divine Justice would be kinder than that. Hilja was deprived here on earth. Like Lazarus who could only look and lick on the crumbs from the master’s table, Hilja may have joined God and God took her in His bosom. Just like Lazarus.

May God be with those who cannot fight for themselves. May God be kindest to people like Hilja.