I was reading this book on purpose. It rationalizes why we need to search for our purpose of being. It outlines several steps on how we can aspire to find that purpose. The last step, which according to the author is actually the most essential one, was knowing God’s purpose.

This brings me back to one day in my previous work when the engineers could not fix the equipment which was very essential for production. So I was bothered because I thought they could handle all repairs since they were engineers – well trained, knowledgeable, and experiencd. But they unanimously said that they can try but they would need the equipment’s manual for that matter.

It struck me on a personal level. If that machine needed the inventor’s manual then I may also need to find my Creator’s manual since I am created for a purpose. Where to find one?

I am reminded of the book I read which tells of a car owner who had a hard-starting car problem that bothered him so much. He was a good mechanic so he could not understand why the car would not start. Then an old man in a limousine passed by. The old man stopped and checked on what the car owner was doing by the roadside. Then the old man remarked, “Try to adjust this part.” The car owner was dumbfounded. How could this old man be better than him? But just to please the good-intentioned old man, the car owner tried to touch that part which was pointed out by the old man. Then the car owner started the car. Boom! The car was back to life. So the car owner was surprised. He asked the old man, how come you knew this thing? The old man simply said, “My name is Henry Ford and I invented this car.” (Excerpts taken from The Audacity of Purpose by Bishop Blessing Samuel. 2020).

How would I feel when one of these days someone who looks ordinary would pass me by, stops, looks me over and says, “Try to adjust the way you focus your eyes. Trim down your weight. Tilt your head up high this way. Open your ears and look at the sun with grateful eyes. Look around and feel the wind touching your face. Look beyond and see the clouds as they form the sign that you are looking for.” Then surely, I may say, “Who are you?” Then the ordinary-looking man would say, “I AM WHO AM and I made you.”

I am created with a design. I have wires inside my body. I am wired. I have chips in my brain; chips that are synchonized with my Creator. I have a heart that beats as one with the One who created me. I have a a soul that would live forever with the One who purposely put me where I am. So what is my problem? What makes it difficult for me to be re-wired and attuned to Him?

The problem is the problem. It is difficult to understand the problem because it means living in simplicity; something that I may not be ready for. But if life is to have meaning then I must. I should. I would.

I can not do this on my own. I have to ask my Creator for the Creator’s Manual so that I can fix myself. I have to go back to Him and seek for His purpose. I have to hear His voice telling me, “Fix yourself. Give me your sins. Transform. Be a new creation. Listen to what I have to say. Follow my footsteps.”

May I be worthy to leave a footprint before I leave this world; one that glorifies God, one that makes others believe in God, one that honors His Name, one that pleases Him.