To Forget

There are always two sides to a story just like two sides of a coin. Both have their own strengths and both have their own beauties to cherish.

Forgetting may not be altogether a weakness. It could be a gift. When we forget some parts of our lives that may have caused us pain, then the fact that we do not remember the details anymore would be a gift. Because we forget, then we do not have to be haunted by the many things that caused buckets of tears. Because we forget, we can no longer feel the pain that we may have felt then.

We are so blessed to be created with a memory that recalls only those that made us whole, those that brought out the best in us, those that nurtured joy from the heart. What a blessing from our Creator who also forgets the mistakes we had made in the past. We are indeed created in His image and likeness. He teaches us and wills for us to forget our past and move ahead to a brighter tomorrow which includes today.

I read this somewhere that to keep on remembering the pain and the mistakes in the past is the work of evil. It makes us feel down. It makes us desperate. It makes us lonely. It makes us incapable of holding on to hope.

Forgetting then and to purposely forget are blessed tools to become grateful for what we have right now and what we could aspire for in the years ahead.

Life is not a bed of roses, as the song goes. Life is a journey along rugged roads that would lead us to the pavement that we call heaven. Along the way we will always encounter obstacles, difficulties, hardship, problems, and trials. But we know that all these must pass so that we can appreciate more the blessings that come pouring in as we follow the narrow path to joy. Then we can forget the hurts and the pains as we shower in the rain with laughter, smiles, songs, and dance. Let it rain! Let the sun shine! There is always a tomorrow after today. Yesterday is gone and that was it for yesterday. Today is great and tomorrow would be greater.

There is only one thing that we should never forget. We are made for a purpose and we are here for a reason.