Recreated and Transformed

I was looking at the birds, small and big ones, while I was having my coffee in the backyard one chilly morning. It brought me back to a particular workshop that I facilitated. I asked the participants, “If you are given a chance to be reborn, what would you like to be?”

There were varied answers which were backed-up with valid reasons for the choices they made.

  • One said, “I would like to be reborn as a lion, a leader of the pack. Lions are fierce when they roam around and they always command authority. They are very well respected.”
  • Another said, “I would like to be a monkey; free, carefree, and spontaneous. I would like to just have fun and view the world from the top.”
  • Another said, “I would like to be a horse. I would gladly bring people to their destinations with care.”
  • Another said, “I would like to be as free as a bird and go places.”
  • Still another said, “I would still want to be myself. I am happy with who I am today.”
  • Still another said, “I would like to be the better version of me.”

All their reponses are candid, frank, and truthful statements that would send us into deeper thoughts. We want to be free as the birds, freely moving around as leaders like the lion, having fun like the monkey, caring for the needs of others like the horse, becoming who we are. We would want to be the better version of who we are.

Unlike the animals, perhaps, man is in a better position. I don’t know if animals like the lions and the birds and the monkeys, the horses, and others have a chance to be reborn. But man definitely has this chance, privilege, obligation, commitment.

Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” (John 3:3). And we believe in Jesus and the truth of what He has said. In that context, we must be born again.

I pray that, one day soon, when God recreates me in His image and likeness, I would be the better version of me; one who seeks not my will but God’s will. I pray that I will be transformed just like the Transformers – Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee – into someone who is equipped with the right tools to trust and obey God as I continue to roam and wander like the lion, as I continue to hang on to trees like the monkey, as I continue to care for others like the horse, as I continue to soar high like the bird. I pray that when God recreates me, I would radiate His love and mercy. I pray that when God recreates me I would be one who can safely say, “Here I am Lord; use me for your greater glory.”